Why Emirates AI
Goverment Expertise & Knowledge

Proudly based in the UAE, we have been working exclusively with the government for years. As a result, we were able to understand their uniquechallenges and ambitions and tailor solutions that entirely meet their needs.

As the UAE aggressively moves towards digital transformation across all its government entities, we strive to enable them to transform products, services, and processes, and help them save on cost and time, making the most out of the latest technology solutions we implement.

Shifting UAE Government IT 180 degrees is at the core of our business. We understand what it takes to fulfill this challenging and rewarding digital transformation journey, and we are here to stay and contribute towards the rise of a new digital nation.

Goverment Tailored Solutions

Transforming IT across governments demands partners with sound expertise and understanding of the local market, of which the UAE is proudly abundant. Yet, several technology solutions fail to compete in the local market due to their unpreparedness to overcome cultural diversity, which is critical in empowering government employees to achieve smoother automation processes while innovating faster.

We understand cultural diversity, as we are gladly part of it. Furthermore, we know how our people think, behave, and feel, for we have been walking side-by-side along with the government for years, building partnerships.

Building solid partnerships is crucial in designing and implementing solutions that will drive massive digital transformations, and we are delighted to embrace it as a core strength in our portfolio of products.

So, be it E-services, Process Automation, Custom Software development, Artificial Intelligence, or so on; we provide the latest technology solutions which enable governments to go digital in a smoother manner.

Team Expertise In Goverment

To drive massive governmental digital transformations in countries like the UAE, a country that strives to achieve excellence in building a global model for government solutions services, one needs to start by assembling a team of highly skilled individuals. Yet, these individuals must understand the particularities involving technical implementations at governments and the alignment of members from various business units.

By creating a team of highly skilled professionals and with extensive experience working with UAE governments, 180IT can ensure that the projects are being thoroughly tackled, mostly because these individuals understand the implementation process at governmental entities, as well as their internal procedures, and goals. They have been either working for governments or communicating with their employees for years, therefore, better prepared to address their specific challenges and needs.


For that reason, we take pride in selecting individuals who are Arabic speakers and highly skilled in IT, but more importantly, having extensive experience in UAE governmental projects. This selection has been instrumental in helping governments in the UAE to drive digital transformation successfully.

To be successful, your team and our team should feel like one, working through any challenges that occur to ensure everyone is up-to-speed on how transformation is going. That's the assurance we provide through our team. Together, we are confident we can achieve excellence in building a global model for digital transformation in the UAE.

Government Services

Emirates AI provides professional services that serve the UAE Government entities through providing a myriad of world-class services and solutions such as

Artificial Intelligence
Digital Transformation
Custom Software Development
Business Intelligence
Project Management
Portals & Websites
IT Infrastructure Solutions
Mobile Applications
IT & Security
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