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Goverment Expertise & Knowledge

Proudly based in the UAE, we have been working exclusively with the government for years. As a result, we were able to understand their uniquechallenges and ambitions and tailor solutions that entirely meet their needs.

As the UAE aggressively moves towards digital transformation across all its government entities, we strive to enable them to transform products, services, and processes, and help them save on cost and time, making the most out of the latest technology solutions we implement.

Shifting UAE Government IT 180 degrees is at the core of our business. We understand what it takes to fulfill this challenging and rewarding digital transformation journey, and we are here to stay and contribute towards the rise of a new digital nation.

Goverment Tailored Solutions

Transforming IT across governments demands partners with sound expertise and understanding of the local market, of which the UAE is proudly abundant. Yet, several technology solutions fail to compete in the local market due to their unpreparedness to overcome cultural diversity, which is critical in empowering government employees to achieve smoother automation processes while innovating faster.

We understand cultural diversity, as we are gladly part of it. Furthermore, we know how our people think, behave, and feel, for we have been walking side-by-side along with the government for years, building partnerships.

Building solid partnerships is crucial in designing and implementing solutions that will drive massive digital transformations, and we are delighted to embrace it as a core strength in our portfolio of products.

So, be it E-services, Process Automation, Custom Software development, Artificial Intelligence, or so on; we provide the latest technology solutions which enable governments to go digital in a smoother manner.

Team Expertise In Goverment

To drive massive governmental digital transformations in countries like the UAE, a country that strives to achieve excellence in building a global model for government solutions services, one needs to start by assembling a team of highly skilled individuals. Yet, these individuals must understand the particularities involving technical implementations at governments and the alignment of members from various business units.

By creating a team of highly skilled professionals and with extensive experience working with UAE governments, 180IT can ensure that the projects are being thoroughly tackled, mostly because these individuals understand the implementation process at governmental entities, as well as their internal procedures, and goals. They have been either working for governments or communicating with their employees for years, therefore, better prepared to address their specific challenges and needs.


For that reason, we take pride in selecting individuals who are Arabic speakers and highly skilled in IT, but more importantly, having extensive experience in UAE governmental projects. This selection has been instrumental in helping governments in the UAE to drive digital transformation successfully.

To be successful, your team and our team should feel like one, working through any challenges that occur to ensure everyone is up-to-speed on how transformation is going. That's the assurance we provide through our team. Together, we are confident we can achieve excellence in building a global model for digital transformation in the UAE.

Government Services

Emirates AI provides professional services that serve the UAE Government entities through providing a myriad of world-class services and solutions such as

Artificial Intelligence
Digital Transformation
Custom Software Development
Business Intelligence
Project Management
Portals & Websites
IT Infrastructure Solutions
Mobile Applications
IT & Security
Our Partners
Certified Government Artificial Intelligence Course™
Level up your AI knowledge and help make the 2031 vision a reality.

One may not think AI would be part of our everyday life as much as it is today. From AI-powered self-driving taxi cars commuting us safely and sustainably inside Expo 2020 to AI-powered smartphones recognizing identities through Face-ID or AI-powered pharmacy robots enabling quicker and safer directions for drug dispensing at hospitals, artificial intelligence surrounds us almost everywhere in the UAE.

Similarly, AI in Government is being felt. In 2018, the UAE announced its National Strategy for AI, and it aims no less than to become the world's most prepared country for Artificial Intelligence by 2031. Since then, several AI opportunities for citizens, governments, and businesses have been felt in the nation's economic, educational, and social life; and are expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. But to "build" an AI economy rather than "waiting" for one, as stated by H.E.Omar Bin Sultan AL Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications, the country needs to create an AI knowledge-based workforce. A foundation of talents ready to learn new skills, adapt to new technologies and develop novel AI solutions to inspire the world.

In line with the UAE's vision, Emirates AI, powered by Harrisburg University, is set to launch its first certification course in the UAE: the Certified Government Artificial Intelligence Course. The certification aims to provide a unique perspective on the prerequisite components required to establish a foundational AI culture within government organizations and a glimpse of the emerging future of AI. Successful completion of this certification will enable you to understand Government AI more effectively, leading you to become part of the foundation of talents that the UAE aspires to build. Overall, the course targets candidates who want to develop the insight needed to explore and apply Al Technologies within the government sector.

In this certification, you will gain insights on the following key points:

  • Know what it means to be a Government AI Professional
  • Learn how ready you and your organization are for AI
  • Explore the benefits of AI for Governments
  • Learn how you can get started with AI in your organization
  • Understand the role of Cyber Security in AI and they work in tandem
  • Explore different Use Cases of AI in Government

In Brief

Course Duration:
5 days, 3 hours per day (15 hours in total)
Course Period
The course will be delivered virtually via Microsoft Teams on March 21st – 25th (10:00 AM – 1:00 PM UAE Time)
Certification Validity
Online Applied Project
Access Mode
Live classes through Microsoft Teams

Modules Included in this Certification:

5 Modules / 5 Days (15 Hours) Virtual

Module 1: Introduction to AI
Discussing the concepts surrounding Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning - and the fundamental definitions and aspects of these disciplines:

  • AI Basics - The fundamental concepts surrounding the science, the jargon, the origins, and preconceptions of artificial intelligence.
  • Model Examples – Demonstrating applied utilization and discussing how algorithms and other techniques related to AI.
  • Cyber Security Ground Rules – Setting the table for cyber security and how it is a part of AI overall (basic DevSecOps

Module 2: AI Readiness and Benefits for Government
Assessing a government entity’s readiness for AI to eventually take the best approach to apply beneficial solutions:

  • Are you ready for Artificial Intelligence – Understanding the business need for applying AI by working with your internal customers and stakeholders?
  • What does AI offer to Government – Approaches, and models to improve the performance and decision-making capabilities within the Government environment and their supporting systems.
  • Applications and Best Practices – Exploring case studies and real-world examples where AI has proven effective in Government centric entities.
  • What are the Challenges and Limitations of AI – Determining the most correct methodology to introduce and deploy AI-based on technical expectations, environment, and organizational acceptance while also considering ethics, privacy, and regulations.

Module 3: How to Get Started
Creating a Strategy for AI-Powered Government:

  • Data Understanding and Preparation -taking the proper steps to make data ready to build out models that will be applied to the specific business and applications.
  • Research Applied AI Models – Studying existing applications, lessons learned, failures, and success that would assist with the implementation of AI.
  • Model Training, Evaluation, and Optimization – Using Historical Data to Train, and using Unseen Data to Validate and Test, as well as Optimize Models that prevent issues like data biases.

Module 4: Cyber Security and AI
The Role of Cyber Security in AI and how they Work in Tandem:

  • Foundational Cybersecurity and The Basics – Learning the importance of why cybersecurity is a required foundational technology and the basics of building and maintaining trusted policies and infrastructure, and defending from attackers
  • Major Impacts of Large-Scale Breaches and Attacks – Surveying the threat landscape and analyzing selected recent breaches including their negative impacts and how the cybersecurity industry (and major organizations) are adapting to new threats using AI.
  • Understanding the Risks of Powerful and Bleeding Edge Technologies – Exploring cybersecurity risk models and how working with advanced and powerful technologies increases the need for strong and adaptive risk management strategies.
  • Protecting Your AI – Learning how to ensure data quality and integrity, protect machine learning models, defend against directed attacks, and hacks against AI functionality. Using AI to Enhance Cyber Security – Examples of how organizations boost cyber security by using Artificial Intelligence.
  • Using AI to Enhance Cyber Security – Examples of how organizations boost cyber security by using Artificial Intelligence.
  • Cryptocurrency / Blockchain – How Blockchain provides tools to enhance AI and Cybersecurity

Module 5: What is Next? & Applied Projects
Demonstration of Learning Objectives and Culmination of AI Topics...

  • Applied Projects Finalization – In Class preparation / Completion (Instructor Assisted)
  • Applied Project Delivery – Presentations by Separate Teams (Instructor Facilitated)
  • Course Conclusion and Reflection

The cohort will be divided into teams with each being assigned a project to design an intelligent advisor that will assist with or replace a daily life task or routine within the organization they work for. Each team will be required to produce a one-page report - and they will also present an executive summary to the entire class using a template provided by the instructors. Time will be allocated at the end of each day (module) for the teams to work on their projects, which will be finalized and delivered on the last day of class.


After completing this certification, you will be able to master the core concepts of AI in Government along with a better understanding of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning fundamental definitions, AI readiness and applicability, AI Government strategic thinking, and Cyber Security in AI.

Program Instructors:

Prof. Andrew Hacker
Cybersecurity Expert in Residence, Harrisburg University
Founder/CEO, ThoughtAI

Prof. Siamak Aram, PH.D.
Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Data Analytics, Harrisburg University

Guest speaker: Salah Brahimi
President and CEO, Grey Matter LLC (GMI Group)

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