Heralded as the 4th technological revolution, AI will revolutionise the world in ways yet to be conceived. That change is happening today, at an awe-inspiring rate. AI is improving and helping diverse facets of business, government and the community.

AI based solutions are key to pressing local, national and global challenges. Impactful change is being realised in improved efficiencies, reduced costs, intelligent resource allocation and releasing people’s time to focus on more creative, innovative work.

EMIRATES AI is at the forefront of this revolution and helping propel AI forward.

AI is having a transformative effect across a range of industries. AI is augmenting human analysis, providing critical insights into business processes, data and aiding in crucial decision making.

From virtual assistants and expert systems to state-of-the-art deep learning solutions, AI is enabling automation and enhanced process understanding in complex environments and challenging problems alike.

Better predictive analytics driven by AI are enabling companies to allocate resource, plan more effectively, identify timely issues and reduce overheads. Services are being provided at a higher quality with a lower cost. AI is playing a deciding role in the success of the world as a whole.