EMIRATES AI’s Partnerships Program enables it to build the AI powerhouse of the future. Through strategic partnering we are bringing together the next generator of AI technology.

EMIRATES AI’s partners include universities, governments, consulting organisations, product-focused AI companies and young start-ups. Our partners are part of our vision; together, we are striving towards a world where challenges are overcome, through AI.

EMIRATES AI believes in a collaborative model. We are building a network of thinkers and innovators, bringing them together to tackle hard challenges and better the world.

EMIRATES AI is developing and encouraging a range of technological platforms, building a community of learning and innovation turning the UAE into a global community of AI technology thinkers.


EMIRATES AI is helping to build the technological future of tomorrow. We support and encourage start-ups, businesses and innovators. EMIRATES AI represents an extensive network of corporate partners, technical expertise and local knowledge necessary to help support our growing AI community.

Experienced and educated, EMIRATES AI is on hand to help realise your AI goals and dreams alongside ours.