Developing & Implementing
Artificial Intelligence
& Machine Learning

for the benefit of
business and society

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Emirates Artificial Intelligence Technologies (EMIRATES AI) is an Artificial Intelligence company based out of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

EMIRATES AI aspires to bring together the world’s best scientists, engineers, economists, and policy experts to further cement its footing as the region’s foremost power in AI and ML.

EMIRATES AI is pioneering unique change and technological impact within the UAE.


Heralded as the 4th technological revolution, AI will revolutionise the world in ways yet to be conceived. That change is happening today, at an awe-inspiring rate. AI is improving and helping diverse facets of business, government and the community.

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EMIRATES AI is helping to build the technological future of tomorrow. We support and encourage start-ups, businesses and innovators. EMIRATES AI represents an extensive network of corporate partners, technical expertise and local knowledge necessary to help support our growing AI community.

Experienced and educated, EMIRATES AI is on hand to help realise your AI goals and dreams alongside ours.